About Koh I Noor

Give your day a boost, delve into a new taste sensation like never before and explore a new world of creations at Koh-I- Desserts located at 17 Shottskirk Rd, Shotts ML7 4AA. Our irresistible desserts taste as sweet as a dream and are made just for you.

If you had the chance to spend a couple of days away from the crowds in Shotts, nothing like a sweet treat would help you relax. You can easily find ‘Koh-I-Desserts’ by searching for ‘The best dessert delivery near me’ on Google. Click on our website to enjoy our temptingly delicious desserts from the comfort of your sofa.

Our skilled cooks only use the finest ingredients to lovingly handcraft freshly made Crepes, fluffy Waffles, American-inspired cheesecakes, homemade hot Cookie Dough and many others.

Try our best ice cream sundaes with indulgence chocolate, strawberry and nut toppings. We even have a create-your-own sundae bar that is both kid-friendly and fun for adults.

Our milkshake menu is filled with boozy options. Treat yourself to a naughty but nice summer milkshake. Our rich and creamy milkshakes are made with lashings of real chocolate to satisfy those cravings at any time of the day!

Our incredible Red Velvet Cake is softer than most cakes with a mouth-watering velvet-like texture in each bite. This indulgence masterpiece is one seriously special treat. Your human senses will be mesmerised once you give it a try!

We are proud to announce our shop has joined Mealzo online food ordering portal. Order from the Mealzo Website and get an extra £3 voucher on online orders!

Feel free to call us at 07915 147 353 and place your order over the phone. Let us bake a sweet memory for you!

Thank you for putting your trust in us.

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